The Storm Within
(AFM Records)

Don’t wait to finish reading this review. Just do yourself a favor and go out and get the new release from Evergrey. The Storm Within explores the darker side of the rock psyche without falling into the musical traps that prog and harder rock bands tend to accept as necessary in today’s musical climate. The vocals are commanding, the lyrics thought provoking on any meta level, and best yet, it’s great background noise for everything from writing to removing cabinet doors in the kitchen.

With this album, Evergrey puts themselves on a level that could support touring with artists such as Lacuna Coil and Queensryche. There is little to criticize about The Storm Within as a whole – the lyrics are solid, the musicianship flawless, and it is clear that the band did not feel a need to impress the audience. Evergrey does its thing and expects listeners to get on board. Anyone who doesn’t fall in line, well, that’s their loss. Evergrey is going to be over here doing what it wants to do.

As a warning, the album does contain seemingly requisite piano ballads. But rather than being trite, both are simple in their process, allowing lead singer Tom Englund a chance to highlight his vocals.

The technical precision and exploration on this album rings true of a band with 20 years of history. Still, when bands have been together for that amount of time, it is easy to phone it in and give into record label quotas. The Storm Within entertains while being compelling and is worth multiple listens.

-Shauna Brock (@vegawriters)

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