IRON FIRE – ‘Among the Dead’ Album Review

‘Among the Dead’
(Crime Records)

When embarking upon an album review, I usually pick a song with a title that intrigues me, click it on ….LOUDLY… and let the song wash over me. I don’t sit there with an ear microscope on inspecting every single note. Why, you ask? Because I want to listen to it like the fans will listen to it. The important question is … does the music speak to me or does the music move me?

Danes, Iron Fire  originally formed in 1995. Other than having retained their singer Martin Steene, the band has had a mass of member changes, during their seven album career.

Ghost From the Past” (track 10) was the first song choice. The song has a great drum presence from beginning to end. It’s nice to actually hear them and not have to go on a search and rescue effort because the drums were buried somewhere in the song.  From the moment I heard the first note of Steene’s vocals this band took me back to the late 80’s – 90’s; a metal band that would have been playing at the Troubadour or somewhere on the Sunset Strip. The vocals in this song range from Lemmyish (kind of gravely) to an Eric A.K. (melodic, hitting high notes) to Max Cavalera (cookie monsterish ) range…. The drums and vocals carried this song the whole way.

Next selection was “Hammer the Gods” (track 3) . “You see your world as a battlefield as you try to free your mind from the torment”….“ What is wrong or right we will all learn together” …. Try to put your trust in the human race”. There are many catchy lyrics in this song that literally jump right out at you.  The drums in this song have a very militant feel to them, and at times the chorus almost sounds like an anthem. The guitars are very present and there is a pretty awesome solo, courtesy of Kirk Backarach laying in wait for your ears.

Last selection was “Tornado of Sickness” (track 8). Starting off heavy, as soon as it starts, while sitting at my desk I just wanted to start headbanging. ” Just when you thought life couldn’t get worse a twist of faith the fall of humanity, we’re all drawn to the same curse”  “Tornado of Sickness will come for us all” this song is about the extinction of man at our own hand. If you follow current events at all, then you know this song has a true potential to be a prophecy of our future. Like in many of their songs they begin with a heavier feel then lean more to a lighter melodic state as the chorus approaches.

Iron Fire is a strong European metal based band and the music moved me. The vocals are great, with some variety and Steene has an incredible  range. Gunnar Olsen’s drums are phenomenal, present and up front in the songs which is very refreshing. There are also a few delicious guitar solos for you to gnaw on as well.  The music is solid and will appeal to your back to the roots metal taste buds.

– Phoenix Romero

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