The Eyes of The Soulless

Today is one of those rare honors that I have the privilege to share an up-and-coming band with the world that I know will blow every metal fan away and change the metal landscape.  Krepitus from Calgary, Canada is releasing their debut LP this November and it is everything you expect a great metal band to be.  The Eyes of the Soulless is a dirty meat-grinder of an album that satisfies every moment from beginning to end

Right away, “The Decree of Theodoseus” doesn’t give you a chance to breathe with its pounding double bass kick and thrashy licks.  The shit just takes off out of the gate and does not want to wait up for anyone.  Harley D’Orazio sits behind the kit and you can tell the potential he has in every song.  He throws it down like Pete Hammoura but knows how to mix it up like Danny Carey.  Guitarists Teran Wyer and Matt Van Wezel are by far the best metal tandem to come from Canada.  These guys mastered the rhythm-lead compliment that every great band has.  Don’t believe me?  Listen to “Sharpen the Blade.”.

I’ve always said that great metal bands can handle any style and speed of music.  Some of the songs from this album can speed up and slow down so seamlessly, it’s almost like listening to a prog band at times.  Krepitus has been able to channel Thrash and Death genres and blend them so well with no conflict.  And this is only their first album!!  We all have heard the rumors about sophomore albums not being as good for most bands.  This albums sets the bar high for me (sorry guys), but I have faith this band can make great albums for years to come.

If there is ever a drawback, it would be that the album is too short.  I’m just left wanting more of the heart-pounding, ear-bleeding beauty.  But I’ll forgive them this time. If any of you reading this has ever been a fan of Megadeth, Opeth, In Flames, Behemoth, Nile, Whitechapel, or The Ocean, do yourself a favor and pick up The Eyes of the Soulless.  You’ll be seeing me standing in line the day it comes out.

– Paul Cottrell

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