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Geoff Tate’s: Operation Mindcrime show at Canyon Club Dinner Theater at Agoura Hills, California Feb 4, 2015 was the second show of the tour for new release, The Key, a concept album and the first of three albums in a trilogy. The second album is due later this year and the third is due to be released for 2017. Tate is on a new chapter with new music. The band performed twenty two songs during the performance, including several songs from Queensryche’s classic Rage For Order in the form of “London,” “Screaming in Digital,” and show opener “Neue Regel,” which, in turn, slammed right into “Screaming in Digital.”

Tate was in strong form throughout the show, which pretty much spanned Queensryche’s entire catalogue, as well as a few numbers from The Key. The two songs presented from the Operation: Mindcrime album – “I Don’t Believe In Love” and “Eyes of a Stranger” were definite highlights of the night as was “The Hands,” which was the only song that made an appearance from Mindcrime II. Though Geoff didn’t move much, vocally he’s still strong and the band was tight.
Midway through the set the band broke down and performed a mini acoustic set with “Jet City Woman,” “Take Hold of the Flame,” “Silent Lucidity” and “The Weight of the World” holding our attention, all of which featured Tim Fernley on stand up bass. An additional highlight was “Re-Inventing the Future” from The Key. And who knew Geoff was a sax player?

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Closing he show out were “Walk in the Shadows” and “Eyes of a Stranger” with encores “The Thin Line” and “Empire” Tate has put a tight knit band together with guitarists Kelly Gray and Scott Moughton, bassist Tim Fernley, keyboardist, Randy Gaines and drummer Simon Wright. As mentioned earlier, this was only the second stop on the run and I can only imagine the shows getting stronger as the tour rolls across America.

– Craig Newman
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