‘The Era of Precarity’
(Saarni Records)


Finnish death-thrash outfit Re-Armed return with their third full length album The Era of Precarity, due to drop September 30th worldwide. It will be released as a digi-pack made from ecological materials, and they’ve pledged to donate a portion of every album sale to a charity organization – Karma Ry – from their hometown that focuses on assisting the elderly.

There are plenty of metal bands that criticize the ills of modern society in their lyrics, but there are very few that put any sort of effort into changing the world in a positive way. Re-Armed have done just that – and I must say it’s a breath of fresh air. With the release of The Era of Precarity these gentlemen will be putting their money where their mouth is (quite literally).


“Lullaby of Obedience,” “Through the Barricades”, and “Riot Act” really stand out on the album. However, I would recommend listening to The Era of Precarity in it’s entirety – every single track is solid. Unrelentingly heavy from start to finish – this dystopian concept album is backed by solid musicianship, thoughtful lyrics, and crystal clear production. Applying the world-renowned “Gothenburg Sound” to their own unique blend of death-thrash with melodic elements and hints of black metal influence – the album is a pure adrenaline rush that’s sure to appeal to fans of any and all of the extreme metal genres.


– Corey McElligott
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