SOV – ‘Aklamerad Kalamitet’ Album Review

‘Aklamerad Kalamitet’
(Despotz Records)

In six songs, SOV proves that Scandinavian Black Metal is as much about theater and accessibility as it is hardcore passion, scalding vocals, and headbanging anger. Over the course of the Ep, the band’s journey is reminiscent of albums such as Slipknot’s ‘Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses’ while at the same time forging along the path set by generations of black metal that has come before.
Aklamerad Kalamitet, Scandinavian metal duo SOV’s debut, is a melodic force buoyed by raw anger. Songs such as “Hatets kaos ar Underbart” take the listener on a musical journey that, unlike in much of the repetitive popular rock and metal these days, does not need a lyrical translation to understand.
Through many of the songs, chords that belong in a film score break their way through the harder riffs, invoking moments of industrial pop – creating an atmosphere designed that would play on the screen as the daughter of a high ranking political figure is kidnapped.
The most accessible song on the album is definitely “Smutsig,” but as a whole, the Ep is strong and feeds the need of a black metal movement that often feels lacking. In the midst of this collection of screaming rebellion, the female guest vocalist on “Ty sublim ar den Svarta Angeln” provides a striking and intriguing contrast to the noise around her. Finally, all good albums have a song that proves the band is more than its signature, and the ballad “Reminiscens” is a fascinating listen that invokes Slipknot’s “Vermillion” while maintaining its own identity.
The history of Scandinavian metal is written in the progressive chords that seek to break their devoted free of the religious chains that so long bound cultures to crosses. While modern media tells more of the church burnings and the deaths inspired by the music, what is missed is the rebellion; a challenging of the norms of culture. On this Ep, SOV continues on the tradition.
-Shauna Brock (@vegawriters)
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