‘Rapid Foray’
Fans of the band, and “classic” heavy metal in general, will love this album. If you’ve never heard of Running Wild, their sound falls somewhere between Judas Priest and the Scorpions. I have to admit, my initial impression of the album included  a hint of disappointment when I noticed their mascot (Adrian the hellhound) was absent from the artwork. Minor aesthetic  detail, but a cool one.
Formed in 1976 under the moniker Granite Hearts, the band opted to change their name to Running Wild in 1979  (after the classic Judas Priest track). They released their first full length studio album in 1984, and followed with a  consistent string of albums every few years until they disbanded following their “final appearance” at Wacken Open Air in  2009. Rapid Foray is the band’s third studio album since this reformation, released on the heels of a split Ep with labelmates    and fellow German countrymen, Sodom.
Overall, this is a very well put together album by a band that’s been around the block a few times. Sonically, Rapid Foray delivers in full “classic heavy metal’ glory. Lyrically, the band sticks to their guns (sic) with themes dealing with pirates and historical events. As far as tracks that really stand out – “Warmongers“, “The Depth of the Sea Nautilus“, and “Last of the Mohicans” are the real gems of the album.
Final Verdict – although my tastes tends towards the more extreme genres of metal, I have a soft spot in my metallic heart for  anyone who continues to wave the flag for classic heavy metal. And Running Wild have been doing it for over three decades now.  This album doesn’t disappoint, and would make a decent addition to any metalhead’s musical library
– Corey McElligott
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