‘Decision Day’

Sodom’s influence on not just thrash, but the extreme branches of the heavy metal family tree, cannot be overstated. For example – one need only listen to any Sodom song to hear Angelripper’s clear influence on black metal vocals. In other words, they’re kind of a big deal.

More can be said about this band’s musical consistency than most of their counterparts in the American Thrash scene. Having said that, it’s nice to hear Sodom incorporating more melodic (dare I say, Maiden-esque?) guitar work into this album. Although it’s far from a genre-bending, original move (NWOBHM elements have been a staple of thrash metal since it’s inception), it is a breath of fresh air on a Sodom album. It really helps these songs stick out in the band’s repertoire. And this is no small feat after 30+ years releasing studio albums.

The most important thing about Decision Day is that it adds a few more solid songs to Sodom’s live show. “Vaginal Born Evil“, in particular, stands out as the strongest/thrashiest offering on the album. Not a fan of some of the slower/mid tempo material – but overall a strong album in classic Teutonic Thrash fashion.

– Corey McElligott

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