Released on 13 November 1990, the album that was never intendeed to actually be made, Tesla’s ‘Five man Acoustical Jam’ broke new ground for the band and awarded them with a couple of unexpected hit singles along the way.

The idea spawned while on a short break from supporting Motley Crue on the ‘Dr. Feelgood’ tour.  The band worked up a couple of cover songs to include with their original material for a week of acoustic shows, including “We Can Work It Out” from The Beatles, “Lodi” from Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper,” The Grateful Dead’s “Truckin'” and the song that would prove to be a smash hit for the band – Five Man Electrical Band’s “Signs.”

The album was recorded on July 2nd at The Trocadero in Philadelphia and against Geffen Records’ demands, Tesla refused to touch the album up and instead, delivered a completely raw and spontaneous product that clicked with their audience to the tune of a Top 20 album (peaking at number 12) and a #9 single for “Signs.”

Track Listing:

1 – Comin’ Atcha Live / Truckin’
2 – Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)
3 – The Way It Is
4 – We Can Work It Out
5 – Signs
6 – Gettin’ Better
7 –  Before My Eyes
8 – Paradise
9 – Lodi
10 – Mother’s Little helper
11 – Modern Day Cowboy
12 – Love Song
13 – Tommy’s Down Home
14 – Down Fo’ Boogie



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